Hermesus Convertible Note Offering

US-Based Trading Platform
Accredited Investors Only

Reg D 506(c)
$60,000,000 % Interest Note
HECN Price - $1.00
Minimum Investment: $25,000

Project Summary

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    SEC regulations limit certain types of investments to "accredited investors" only. The criteria below will help us determine if you are accredited (according to SEC regulations) to invest in our ventures
    Accredited Investors Only
Hermesus.com — a FinTech platform is building a next generation digital currency and digital assets exchange—is launching a convertible note capital raise. Investors can now Join one of the most progressive FinTech projects of the year. Invest in Hermesus and become a co-owner of a US-based Digital Currency Exchange. Welcome to the era of digital …
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