Hermesus $5M Crowdfunding (2022)

US-Based Trading Platform
Anyone Can Invest

Reg CF
$5,000,000 7% Equity Share
Common Stock Share - $100.00
Minimum Investment: $100

Project Summary

  • Anyone can invest

Hermesus.com — a FinTech platform is building a next generation digital currency and digital assets exchange—is launching a crowdfunding capital raise. Investors can now Join one of the most progressive FinTech projects of the year. Invest in Hermesus and become a co-owner of a US-based Digital Currency Exchange. Welcome to the era of digital money.

Offer Details

Investment Target $5,000,000
Minimum Raise $10,000
Minimum Investment Amount $100
Pre-money Valuation $ 60,000,000
Equity Share Type Common Stock
Investment Perk Levels Perk Descriptions
1: $200-499 Invested and assets deposited $50 value in crypto, deposited into trading account
2: $500-$999 Invested and assets deposited Same as Level 1, plus 10% trading fee discount*
3: $1,000-$1,999 Invested and assets deposited Same as Level 1, plus 15% trading fee discount*
4: $2,000+ Invested and assets deposited Same as Level 1, plus 20% trading fee discount*

* To qualify for investment perks, investors must open a trading account at Hermesus.com. Investors who also deposit assets and trade at Hermesus.com will receive the stated discount on their Hermesus trading fees. This limited time discount is capped at the full amount invested and expires on the first anniversary of the trader's investment. Discount offers are not cumulative and not transferable. Conditions apply.

Young investors have flooded into digital currency during the pandemic, while the older generation can't get enough of gold
— team of JPMorgan analysts
Hermesus is a new generation digital asset trading platform based and operated in the USA. Our goal is to bridge the world of traditional finance and the new and emerging digital economy. We strive to deliver high and attractive value propositions to our users while maintaining ease of use and remaining on top of innovative trends. Ultimately, we wish to drive the creation of a new financial ecosystem, grounded between the interaction of assets and blockchain technology by providing:

  • a trading platform among digital currencies and digital assets with a large, active, and friendly community
  • an efficient platform that can handle significant loads and operate at optimal performance even during peak load times
  • new and prospective projects and their communities with a reliable platform on which to grow
  • aid to the development and growth of blockchain and digital asset industries into a mature and appealing state for mass adoption
Digital Assets Trading & Compliance​
Key Features​
  • Wallet management system
  • Liquidity and cash flow management​
  • Competitive fees schedule​
  • Supports forks, tokens, and stablecoins​
  • Websocket API for high frequency trading​
  • Supports multi signature transactions​
  • Extensible order types
  • Built in KYC/AML module​
  • Automatically scales based on client traffic
Security First​
  • Banking and FinTech security policy are applied​
  • Isolation of money and "4 eyes" process​
  • Isolated Two Factor Authentication for Tx Signature
  • Inherits from Kubernetes security​
Compliant for Users in all 50 US states​
  • Confirmation letter received from regulatory authority of platform’s domicile
  • Authorized to trade digital currencies and digital assets​
  • Authorized digital currency custodian in the USA​
  • Automatically scales based on client traffic​
Customer acquisition strategy​​
  • >100,000 potential customers via strategic partners and social media communities
  • Access to digital trading industry data base of 500,000 users​
  • Established customer referral program for international exchanges that do not offer US customer registration​
HERMESUS Software Features
User friendly interface and lightning fast software architecture
Easy to Use​
Hermesus has a pleasant and intuitive interface: the colors, the spacing, and all of the components have been designed to make it easy for a client navigate
High Throughput​​
Hermesus matching engine has been tested up to 2,000,000 transaction per second per trading pair​
Customer Support​​​
Customer support is one click away. We utilize the most popular customer support software suite, which makes it easy to manage requests, ensure we do not miss any inquiries, and respond promptly
Our security protocols are driven by state and federal qualified custodian standards​
Unique Proposition​
There is only a handful of large exchanges operating in the USA, owing to regulatory hurdles and a lack of clarity; Hermesus aims to be among the top industry players ​
Market Overview​
Over the next 25 years, baby-boomers will pass $68 trillion to their children — the greatest inter-generational wealth transfer in history. The recipient demographic is technology-savvy, welcomes change and disruption, and is a demonstrated early adopter of financial technology (fintech) solutions. At the same time, legacy financial markets and institutions lack the agility and willingness to be first-movers with new technologies. The rapid rise of decentralized blockchain technology is an early indicator that the next generation of financial technology and asset management will need to exist on these digital rails.

Hermesus is a newly formed, privately held fintech startup organized in Wyoming with a clear vision for the future of digital currency. We are determined to make a place for a USA-based trading platform in the digital assets market. Our team has invested years working on technology and compliance development. Our result is Hermesus: a next generation digital asset trading platform.

The Hermesus platform was created with the digital currency investment community at heart and in mind. Hermesus brings new and improved technology to help solve existing limitations, create new markets, address unmet market needs, and create value for our participants. Our goal is to provide our users with cost-effective and user-friendly access to digital currencies and digital assets. Our platform has a competitive fee schedule and includes secure digital currency custody services.

Since the launch of First Digital Currency in 2009, there has been consistent growth of the number of accounts at digital currencies service providers reflecting adoption rates of digital currencies. If we compare this rate with the historical data of adoption rate of Internet usage, we can see clear resemblances. We therefore anticipate the course of digital currency adoption in the near to medium term. According to our estimations, we expect the digital currency market to grow at least 4x over the next 10 years.

Our research suggests that approximately 140 million user accounts have been created at digital currency service providers, representing an estimated minimum 35 million ID-verified users.​
Adoption rates of
digital currencies and
Daily trading volume, in $ million (sources: Bloomberg, CoinMarketCap and exchange sites)
Trading Platform Dynamics
Currently, there are over 500 globally exchanges, compared to ~70 exchanges just three years ago.
Some major global digital currency exchanges have been able to add more than 100,000 users per day.
The global digital currency market generated between $754 million and $956 million in revenues in 2019 and is anticipated to grow over 11% per year to over $1,750 million by 2027.
Bloomberg estimates that the top 10 digital exchanges generate up to $3 million/day in trading fees, which roughly translates to over $1 billion per year.
Binance, the world's largest digital currency exchange, recently revealed that it had added more than 250,000 users on a single day. Binance has more than 15 million registered users. It surpassed Deutsche Bank in profitability, recording a profit of $200 million during the first quarter of 2018 and kept growing till throughout year.
Moreover, the digital trading markets are anticipated to experience substantial revenue growth as more and more users adopt digital currencies (from 5% in 2019 to over 20% by 2029). Assuming trade execution fees remain stable, aggregate digital currency trading platform revenues are anticipate to grow at a similar rate.
The US Dollar represented half of digital currency fiat trading on average, followed by
JPY (21%) and KRW (16%).
Sources: Cointelegraph.com, Fortune Business Insights, Forbes, Bloomberg, Binance, Yahoo Finance, Trustnodes
Comparative Fees Analysis
User friendly interface and lightning fast software architecture
Sources: Competitor fee schedules; prices are subject to change without notice
Hermesus pricing and throughput allows us to compete aggressively with the top 3 US-based digital currency exchanges. These three exchanges’ aggregate user base topped 77 million users in 2019
In 2017, Coinbase had been opening 50 thousand accounts daily. With digital currency prices increasing, and digital asset popularity gaining popularity, Hermesus is poised to capitalize on market momentum
Comparative Valuation & KPI’s

    2020 Valuation: $ 5 Billion

    22 Million Customers

    200 Employees

    $80 Million in revenue in 2018

    82% Operating Margins

    Founded July 2014


    2020 Valuation: $ 10 Billion

    25 Million Customers

    780 Employees

    $155 Million in revenue in 2018

    75% Operating Margins

    Founded July 2011


    Current Valuation: $ 85 Billion

    30 Million Customers

    500 Employees

    $1.28 Billion in revenue in 2020

    80% Operating Margins

    Founded July 2012

Individual &
Digital Currency Custody Services
Utilizing the new technologies for customer digital funds custody and matching them with the current US laws and regulations.
Banks can now offer digital currency and digital asset custody to their clients, but what does this really mean.
The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) recently announced that nationally chartered banks in the U.S. can now enter into the digital asset custody arena. There are plenty of opinions about what impact this will have on the industry, and many of them are at odds.
Some commentators feel this is the beginning of a new era for the industry where banks will be able to offer complimentary digital asset services attractive to sophisticated investors.
But traditional financial institutions, banks included, move slowly. So, we don’t expect any to announce their brand new custody platform immediately, if at all. Moreover, banks and other sophisticated players in the old school markets have not moved to adopt blockchain technology or digital currencies. Most nationally chartered banks will not risk their current business by learning how to deal with private keys and offering such services without letting the industry mature. According to a recent Fidelity survey, only about a third of all these firms even own any digital assets.
While banks are generally unwilling to enter the digital asset space, many investors in are not comfortable with the “Be-Your-Own-Bank” approach and take on the risk of storing their own digital currencies. Hermes can help.
  • Procedures
    Secure procedures and fail-safes developed for client asset custody. We utilize best practices in cold storage of digital funds
  • Internal Compliance
    We follow and comply with the rules drafted for legacy banking and financial sector. The only difference is the type of funds and our unique storage procedures
  • Rules & Regulations
    We comply with state requirements to provide digital currency custody services per confirmation from the banking commissioner in our domicile
Custody Services
Many digital currency-based businesses require custody services by law. A combination of lower fees and broad range of service present key opportunities for our business.
Retirement Accounts
IRA and Sep IRA accounts accounted for $7.85 trillion in 2017. Being able to provide custody services is expected to drive revenues.
Potential Customers
Government entities, hedge funds, mutual funds, international commodity traders and more are clear target customer verticals.
Business Model and
Projected Results of Operations
  • Optimistic View
    (Green Data)
    Assumes average increase in customer acquisition by 2.5 times. Higher customer acquisition numbers are stimulated by doubling marketing budget and assume 25% lower customer acquisition cost
  • Business Model
    (data by month)
  • Pessimistic View
    (Orange Data)
    Assumes lower customer acquisition volume due to unforeseen digital currency market conditions and increased regulatory and compliance restrictions worldwide
HERMESUS Time To Market
HERMESUS Trading Platform is fully developed and ready for full deployment in under 30 Days
    Platform Status
    By September 2021, HERMESUS trading platform will be deployed on test servers with blockchain wallets connected and available for review at https://HERMESUS.com. Platform will be open for private registrations with temporary administrative restriction on deposits and withdrawals
    HERMESUS Platform will be ready to open its doors to public upon completion of KYC provider and Banking Partner API integration. Such process is estimated to be completed in 2 to 6 weeks. Additionally, HERMESUS team is working on the website design and branding updates, which are scheduled to be completed within the same timeframe
    Operating Team
    HERMESUS have been brought together by sophisticated boutique operating team of qualified professionals. Our HERMESUS compliance officer is registered with FinCEN (https://www.fincen.gov)
    Technical Support
    HERMESUS Platform is backed up by existing dedicated team of IT technical support assigned to the project. Additionally the platform features off-site 24/7 Customer Service 3rd party solution. The support team have been preselected and is pending commitment
Slow progress and poor choice exchanges on US market opens new opportunities and gives us competitive edge
  • Regulatory and compliance in US is expensive, complicated and time consuming 1
  • Few digital currency exchanges and lack of large scale competition leads to high and aggressive pricing and fees 2
  • Outdated user interface with emphasis on professional traders 3
  • Large market players place many funding and trading limits restrictions on new and existing clients to balance liquidity as they service a large customer base 4
  • 1 Hermesus has developed proprietary tools that allow trading for customers from all 50 states
  • 2 Our competitive fee structure allows our platform to attract new customers and compete with market leaders
  • 3 Our user interface and software logic are designed to serve both professional traders and customers who are new to the industry
  • 4 Hermesus will allow higher deposits and higher limits for digital currencys acquisition to attract new customers
Summary of features and competitive advantages​
  • Jurisdiction
    Hermesus is uniquely positioned on the US market. Our business model allows us to do business in all 50 US states in full compliance with federal and state law

  • Target Audience
    In the USA alone, Hermesus is poised to take at least 1% of the market share with a goal of onboarding 2 million users within 3 years
  • Customer Service
    Unlike most US-based exchanges, Hermesus intends to provide live 24/7 customer support

  • Safety of Funds
    Qualified custodian for digital currency assets in the USA offering services to individual and institutional clients

  • Market Capacity
    Over 200 million potential US clients are between ages 18-65. Half are not educated for digital currencys and are not registered on any exchange

  • Deposit Methods
    Based on existing banking relationships, Hermesus provides several key USD deposit options such as ACH, wire transfer, and debit card processing

  • Banking Relationship
    Hermesus has an existing relationship with US-chartered bank for digital currency / US Dollar conversion
  • Other Currencies
    Hermesus’ partner bank provides access to additional global currencies, opening up worldwide markets (which are not accounted for in our modeling)
HERMESUS Platform will additionally include educational videos to assist new customers with information about digital currencies and explanation of Hermesus UI with step by step tutorial on use of trading platform.

Our Form C, on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, is available here:
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