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Hermesus $5M Crowdfunding (2022)

US-Based Trading Platform
Anyone Can Invest

Minimum Investment $100
Investment Type Equity Share
Type of Shares Preferred Share
Sector Financial Technology
Targeted Investment Period 2-3y
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Reg CF via Hermesus Investment Holdings Inc. and Jumpstart Securities, LLC

Hermesus Convertible Note Offering

US-Based Trading Platform
Accredited Investors Only

Minimum Investment $25,000
Investment Type Interest Note
Type of Debt Secure
Sector Financial Technology
Target Investment Period 2-3y
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Reg D 506(c) via Hermesus Investment Holdings Inc. and Jumpstart Securities, LLC

Alpha Capital
AlphaCapital Notes Offering

12% Notes due 2025
Accredited Investors Only

Raise Target $35,000,000
Type of Debt Secure
Coupon Payment 12%
Payment Period Quarterly
Minimum Investment $1,000
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Reg D 506(c) via Alpha Capital LLC
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IRA & 401K Retirement Accounts

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, GoToCrowd allows investing into its listings through tax-advantaged retirement accounts.

These types of accounts include Self-Directed IRA, Roth IRA, Solo 401(k), SEP and Simple IRA, education and health savings accounts.

You can diversify your assets into unique alternative investments available at GoToCrowd via tax-advantaged investment vehicles.

EB-5 Investments forUS Residency

Several GoToCrowd investment opportunities qualify for EB-5 investments.

If you are not a US citizen and would like to become a US resident, and later a US Citizen, it may be possible to offer a path to residency and citizenship via select GoToCrowd projects.

Investments that qualify are designed to benefit the US economy and create full-time jobs within the United States.

1031 Exchanges With More Options

Several GoToCrowd investment opportunities qualify for 1031 Exchanges.

You are familiar with 1031 exchanges as method of reinvesting funds between like-kind investments without paying capital gains taxes.

Now GoToCrowd has offers for you to reinvest your real estate investment proceeds into more opportunistic projects (including non-real estate projects) while utilizing the Section 1031 tax shield.


  • Why is GoToCrowd different
    GoToCrowd presents unique and differentiated projects backed by strong management teams. Furthermore, GoToCrowd is an international investment platform that brings to our global investor pool projects from around the world. We even accept and process investments via cryptocurrencies in exchange for shares in our listed projects.
  • How to invest
    Investment through our platform is a simple and straightforward process. First, when you register at GoToCrowd you can add the funding options. Next, you select the projects you find interesting and click through to effect a purchase. As custodians, we will safely store your investments for you, and we will contact you when there is a distribution or shareholder action taking place in your investment. You may have an option to trade your digital assets at our secondary market.
  • How can I list my company
    GoToCrowd accepts projects if they are qualified by our team of professionals and industry experts. If you think you would fit our guidelines, make your submission.
  • What are the fees
    Our third party service providers may charge our customers fees in connection with purchase or sale transactions. We charge a listing fee to projects on our platform.
  • Who can invest
    GoToCrowd accepts funds from anyone over 18 years old. However, each project places its own rules and limitations on whose funds they can accept. This depends on project's legal jurisdiction and how a particular offer is conducted. Register at GoToCrowd to see which projects are available for you.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to carefully select and bring to our investors quality projects with substantial upside potential, with minimal transaction costs.

Investors can invest into our projects at the push of a button, and can follow their investments' progress from anywhere in the world.

GoToCrowd provides investors a clear understanding of possible exit scenarios and the ability to monitor and control their holdings.

GoToCrowd brings together investors and projects globally, allowing investment via classic payment methods as well as cryptocurrencies.

Digital securities


Whether you own digital shares or digital bonds, they are fully backed and secured by specific assets.


Compliant in your jurisdiction due to specific formal regulatory rules encoded into digital security protocol.


We use the latest security measures to ensure the safety of your assets and personal data.


You can sell or gift your digital securities. It is a much easier process than dealing with classic securities.


Fully auditable, transparent, and traceable when required and impervious to counterfitting.


Quick, reliable, and secure settlement and delivery bypassing slow and expensive clearing processes.


Easy security acquisition and potential exit at our future ATS trading platform.

Hassle Free

Digitally scheduled bond coupon payments, automated dividends payments, buybacks, voting and more.
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